Pickleball Coach Jerry

Coach Jerry welcomes you…

Jerry has been a Florida resident for 28 years but grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin where he developed an interest in racquet sports at an early age.  Using his 7 years of teaching experience to teach both beginners and intermediates to play the game well is his passion. He enjoys a great sense of accomplishment when his students improve and begin to love Pickleball as much as he does. Marvel of medical science!

Pickleball is a game of patience, strategy and finesse, never sacrifice control for power.”

 “Learn the proper way to play Pickleball. Practice is the key to improving your Pickleball game.”

Coach Jerry teaches Pickleball at NPC East Naples Community Park.


Coach Jerry
PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) Certified Coach.

Where to play Pickleball

East Naples Community Park: Daily drop in play. $5 per day, $50 per year, 63 courts. Sunrise to 10pm.

Fleischmann Park: Daily drop in play. $5 per day, $25 per year, 6 courts. 8 – 8:30 am to 10:30 – 11.

Veterans Park: Daily drop in play. $5 per day, $50 per year, 16 courts. Sunrise to 10pm.

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